Why évolur

évolur: Only the best for (y)our babies

Timeless elegance of form and simple efficiency of function

évolur Collections are specifically designed to evolve from babyhood to beyond. This line of baby-to-adult furniture unite innovative design and impeccable quality with the luxury of versatility.



évolur collections come in a variety of designs and colors to suit every possible style. From vintage to post-modern to fantasy, your nursery will find an évolur collection that fits right in.

Some collections can be mixed-and-matched allowing you to not just give wing to your creativity but also to ensure that all your nursery needs and your baby’s needs are met.



Every évolur collection has products that can be bought separately or as part of a collection. These include (apart from Convertible Cribs) Double Dressers, Tall Chests, Armoires, Chifferobes, Hutches/Bookcases and Nightstands.

The material used in the manufacture of our products are wood and wood veneers of the highest quality. Our designs take into consideration all aspects of the product – the parts with the whole, their intended function, performance and safety.



All DOM Family products: cribs, toddler beds, cradles and mattresses – including the évolur collections are fully in compliance with ASTM and CPSC requirements.

Every crib sold today, regardless of the retailer, must comply with these new regulations; all retailers are now required to sell only cribs that meet these safety standards.



As with all DOM Family products and in keeping with our core values – the évolur collections are designed to reach high-quality luxury to families at affordable prices. We believe that every child and every family deserves only the best. After all, children are not just a precious part of our families. They are our future.